Last Saturday the denouement finally took place in the second division H. With Sparta Enschede-DOS Kampen, this last match day had a dream poster. Both teams started the direct championship game with 56 points. The yellow-blacks from Kampen knew exactly what to do. The title was won on goal difference with a 2-2 draw. DOS is champion again after twenty years, and returns to the first division after four seasons of absence. 


At Sparta, many people are drinking their courage on the terrace when a column of buses approaches the sports park. With no fewer than seven coaches, the guests come from Kampen to see their team become champions in Enschede. Hundreds of people get out of the buses. From adults dressed in yellow and black villains to hordes of enthusiastic children. Paired with a drum, flags and cloths, they enter Sportpark Schreurserve. It looks like a population migration.

Flash start

The accompanying supporters of the visiting club raise a gigantic cloth when the players arrive. Behind the canvas, a good amount of smoke escapes as torches are lit. The boys are also prepared on the side of Sparta Enschede. The fact that dozens of young boys light smoking pots and torches testifies to a good upbringing in Enschede. The club itself also thinks along with the fanatical boys. Buckets filled with water have been placed to extinguish the torches.

Sparta makes a flashy start and scores from a free kick after two minutes. The young Enschede players behind the goal take the opportunity to climb into the fences. Furthermore, in the second half it mainly remains with swearing, ranting and swearing, especially on the Dos side. The teams go into halftime with a 1-0 score.

DOS wakes up

Where DOS was unable to make a fist in the first half, it comes out of the dressing room alert. With a quick 1-1 the title is in sight. The fanatical guys along the field don’t know where to look. Some grab hold of each other, where some stumble over each other. They are beautiful scenes.

As if it couldn’t get any better for the visitors, the 1-2 quickly falls. Sparta will have to score two more goals and at DOS the belief in the title is now really coming. Torches are lit, waving flags go up in the air and the yellow-blacks sing hoarsely.

pitch invasion

The referee adds a good dose of injury time. At DOS, the guys can’t take it anymore. Especially not when Sparta makes the 2-2 late in injury time. Could it still go wrong? But after a few minutes of biting nails, the frenzied supporters are allowed onto the field. The waving flags go along, more torches are lit and the championship is celebrated with the players. Disbelief reigns at Sparta. Some players drop to the floor exhausted. It is the accessibility that makes amateur football so beautiful, on a day when joy and sorrow are very close to each other.

The accompanying supporters from Kampen still have a long day ahead of them. But a day full of party, beer and pyro. In the meantime, people are even looking forward to the derby against Go Ahead Kampen.

Boy de Haan
Studeert Journalistiek om continu met voetbal, maar vooral de daarbij horende randzaken, bezig te mogen zijn. Heeft een voorliefde voor kleine dorpsclubs, stokoude tribunes en bomvolle uitvakken. Hoopt dat kunstgras ooit in zijn geheel zal verdwijnen.

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