Met het negende in de Kelderklasse #6: Het verkeerde fluitsignaal

Met het negende in de Kelderklasse: Het verkeerde fluitsignaal. Dit keer was niet alleen de scheidsrechter van onze wedstrijd de schuldige van de nederlaag, maar de leidsman van het andere veld. Een hockeyveld nota bene. Het verkeerde fluitsignaal zorgt voor verwarring bij het negende, welke een inleiding is van het enige tegendoelpunt. Een nederlaag ligt natuurlijk nooit aan het eigen spel.

With the ninth in the Kelderklasse #6: The wrong whistleHet negende

This season, In de Hekken , we follow the ninth team that plays in the lowest class of amateur football. A team in which the third half is an important part of Saturday. The back fields are populated at impossible times by men whose hopes of a football career have been dashed years ago. From the dressing room humor to shots that scare even the ball catchers. From world promotions to the best excuses to cancel.

one year old

With twenty-nine people in the app group, there is always someone’s birthday. This time Mark arrives with a case of beer. However, it is only ten-thirty in the morning and we haven’t even changed our clothes yet. The sound of the crate of beer, placed on the table in the middle of the dressing room, immediately sets the players in motion. “It’s for after the game…. because it was my birthday.” The cups immediately go down again. First a game of football!

Early kick-off, early beer

It is early today when the ball is already rolling on the synthetic turf field at eleven o’clock. The score is still 0 – 0 when the birthday boy shoots a ball over his own crossbar, or rather, rams it . That’s where the ninth comes in . “Whether you defend very far or very close to the goal, the result is the same,” he says laconically. During the break, the men not only look at a spectacle stand, but also thirsty to the middle of the dressing room. “It is not yet twelve o’clock.” The crate remains untouched. A duel in the basement class is usually good for many goals, but today that is an exception.

The wrong whistle

This ninth away game has to do with a referee from the club. In a previous away game this almost went wrong (click here). The only goal of the game is then a bit unfortunate. Almost everyone stops playing when they hear the whistle. “Continue,” it sounds from the side and a few seconds later the striker is alone in front of our keeper. Although he needs an extra try, he still scores the goal. Everyone looks at the referee in despair. Not he, but his colleague on the other field whistled. The hockey field of course! The frustration with the ninth is great when the hard work is negated in this way. Also today a number of teammates have difficulty keeping their mouths shut against the ref. Ten minutes before the end of the official playing time, the best man whistles.

The basement class is never boring

The 1 – 0 score means the third loss of this season. It leads to some frustration among themselves in the locker room. You have enough to use for your article…. ” I am told after calm has returned. The beers that have been waiting for us for more than a match can be opened. Bram leaves the app group of the ninth . He thought the substitution policy was a bit unfortunate and can hardly bear it. “Ah, that happens every year, it will come back.” It was another old-fashioned game of the ninth. The wrong whistle resulted in a defeat. Boring is by no means in the Cellar class.

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