Sportieve tips om je voor te bereiden op je training of wedstrijd

You are sporty and you really want to perform in the sport of your choice. You can’t turn away from the TV when a sports tournament is on. Don’t you notice that real top athletes are able to peak at the right time? You sympathize with your sporting heroes who finally seize the opportunity to become immortal during the Olympic Games after four years of preparation. You want this too. When you have to perform, you want everything to fall into place. With a number of simple tips you will also peak at the right time. This ranges from the right preparation to the use of certain supplements .

Create the right atmosphere for your top performance

Almost all top athletes have a ritual with which they prepare themselves optimally for the moment when they have to put in their top performance. This ritual is different for everyone and you will have your preferences too. For example, think of relaxing or uplifting music. Close yourself in advance for anything that can distract you in a negative way or look for positive distractions. Whatever you do, prepare well. Get up on time, pack your sports bag in advance and take plenty of time to travel to the sports field or sports hall where you are going to perform.

Prepare your body optimally

You should not only be optimally prepared mentally, but also physically. Everything starts with a good night’s sleep. During your night’s sleep, your body gets rid of all negative tension and ensures that you can start the next day as alert as possible. Eating a carbohydrate-rich meal such as pasta is highly recommended. Your body converts this into readily available sugars, so you can perform with less chance of acidification. Before you start your competition, make sure that your muscles are well warmed up, without overloading them.

Use supplements to perform even better

In your training period, before your important match, you give your body everything it needs to peak. Sufficient proteins, sufficient carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. You do this not only to perform, but also to recover well from each training round. An intensive training program ensures that your body temporarily has a greater need for balanced nutrition. You can’t solve this by eating more. What you can do is enrich your diet with high-quality supplements. These supplements give your body the substances it needs and thus support your training program. Which supplements are right for you? That depends on your sport, your physical condition and your sporting goals. For example, think of weight gainers, protein shakes,

Supplements of the best possible quality

With your trainer, dietitian and doctor, you can determine which supplements will give you the best possible support. If you decide to enrich your training program with supplements, only use supplements of proven and continuous quality.

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