Free the Football

Zoals jullie weten ondersteunen wij iedereen die vecht voor een betere toekomst voor onze sport en daarom doen we dat ook weer voor de mensen van Free the Football heeft een plan en daar hebben ze wat hulp bij nodig…

Remember, as a child, the first time you saw the beautiful game played. There was something in that moment, that instantly got you hooked, that set your destiny to love this game for the rest of your life. A dribble past a defender. The ball curling into the back of the net. A defence splitting pass that is timed perfectly. A diving keeper at full stretch just getting his fingertips to the ball to defend his goal. A flash of brilliance that takes your breath away. A diving header. A crunching tackle that you feel even when merely observing. The moment of unknown just before a penalty is kicked. The incredible joy of winning. The utter devastation of losing. The comradery of the teammates, working together, playing for each other, aiming to put that ball in the back of the net more times than the other team because for those 90 minutes that is all that matters. The passion of the fans. You can never forget the passion of the fans. Who will chant and cheer and jump and celebrate and cry and dream and want that win just as much as the players on the field. That is football. That is the game we love.

But at some point it seems that this was forgotten. It seems like today its all about the wealth of a team’s owner. Bribing officials. Grow a club’s “brand” internationally. We need to free the football. Free it from being merely a business. Free it from corruption. Free it of everything ruining the beautiful game. We need to make the world remember again what football really is. On the 7th of August 2011 all football fans will come together and do one simple thing. We will play the game we love. Not for money. Not for fame. Not for a sponsor. Not for a brand. We will play it for the love. For the passion. For the goal of showing the world what football really is. We will free the football. The rules don’t need to be perfect. You don’t need 11 vs 11. You don’t need proper goal posts, jackets will do. You can play in a park. On a beach. In the streets. All you need is a ball and some friends. Or strangers. And the passion for the game. Together we will start a movement. Together we will get the world’s attention. Together we will free the football.

7 augustus is dus de dag dat het allemaal gaat beginnen, op 7 augustus pakken we gewoon allemaal een bal en gaan we laten zien hoeveel we van onze sport houden. Maak de pleinen in onze steden onze voetbalvelden, claim elke vierkante meter gras in een park of ga gewoon lekker los op het parkeerterrein van je werkgever. Het maakt allemaal niet uit, als je die dag maar laat zien dat het voetbal van ons is.

Free the Football is trouwens ook te vinden op Twitter en Facebook, dus volg ze en ondersteun dit initiatief.

(en voel je gerust vrij om dit bericht verder te verspreiden!)

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