Drum Beat Mafia

De Drum Beat Mafia van Livingston FC (Schotse derde divisie) wil dat de tribunes weer van de fans worden en daar zijn we het natuurlijk van harte mee eens.

“Football continues to be strangled by the very authorities that are supposed to be looking after it.
Who’s intentions seem to be aimed at distancing the real supporters who have been around before them, and hopefully, will be here long after those in charge have been replaced. The Football authorities aims are simple; Free the game of the bad supporter and replace it with the good. Have us sat in silence, only singing when they want us to sing, and singing the songs they want us to sing. Rising only to applaud goals where we dance along to carefully selected music over the PA. We’re unable to create an atmosphere ourselves it seems. The passionate terraces of the past are slowly dying and are being replaced by a deafening silence; our beautiful game is being forced to the edge of extinction.”

It’s time to fight back and reclaim the terraces –

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