Dit was het weekend – 9

And we’re off again. Megapyro at Cambuur, great banner and pitch invasion at DOS Kampen, player reception at Helmond. Despite the fact that it’s all still meager, at least something is happening!

Corona measures

In recent weeks we reported that supporters preferred to watch at home than in the stadium with all the measures. It also seemed that amateur football would be visited more often due to the Corona measures. We were therefore very curious about the start of the season!

The Netherlands

Cambuur won the first game of the season. Very important, what happened off the field was much more important! The MI-Side showed itself outside the stadium with a wonderful fireworks action. At first we thought it was Cambuur Culture, but we were corrected in that. Sorry guys, we were already drinking beer!

It was again this weekend with the promises. With the strange start of the competition, many players who normally participate in the promises are now suddenly part of the first team. Thus, for example, Jong PSV and Jong Ajax will be entering with a glorified under 17 team. The result: big results. Excelsior beat Jong PSV 6-1 and Roda JC beat Jong Ajax 0-4. In two weeks the “real” promise team will probably be drawn up again, which means that the results are completely different. Pure competition distortion. Read the whole story here!

In Helmond, supporters took to the streets. Their team had finally won again. North Side Vak O welcomed the players with fireworks!

Three days earlier, AZ played in the second preliminary round of the CL. Supporters welcomed the players bus there with a nice pyro action!

The first KNVB Cup match in 26 years was played in Kampen. In addition to fireworks and tension, this also resulted in a nice pitch invasion. View the full report here!

We also received more than enough images from Rijssen! Check out the full report here!

Nice photos from the rest of the Netherlands: VV KSC – SG Gogersmilde:


The first cup matches of the year were also played in Belgium. Our friends from Willebroek won on penalties.

Black Lion also converted.

Not everyone stayed in the Netherlands and Belgium. For example, Derbyhopper gave us the following images of the match ZKS Stilon Gorzow Wielkopolski – Pogon Skwierzyna. Cracker of course!


Other tasty images also came from Poland!

They also had a great promotion at Spartak Trnava.

This was the weekend, the first real weekend after Corona! On to the next!

Stefan van Leeuwen
Liefhebber van de supporterscultuur, regelmatig te vinden met camera op de tribunes in binnen- en buitenland.

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